Welcome to Topeka Sertoma Clubs


for more information contact Julie Hejtmanek at 23-DUCKS


There are three Sertoma Clubs in Topeka, Kansas:

Topeka Evening Sertoma Club
was formed in 1915 and is the second oldest club in all of Sertoma
Contact: Terry Beck - 785 235-3415
Topeka Heartland Sertoma Club
was established in 1993
Contact: Julie Hejtmanek
PO Box 797, Topeka, KS 66601 - 785 235-5678

Golden City Sertoma Club

is our newest club and was established in 1999

Members of these clubs include business and professional men and women willing to volunteer a few hours on projects to help others in the community.

About Sertoma...
  •  Founded in 1912, Sertoma is the third oldest civic service organization.
  •  Sertomans total about 26,000 members in 800 clubs throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.
  •  Members raise about $20 million annually through local fund raisers for community and international sponsorships.
  •  Sertoma's main sponsorship focus is speech and hearing.
  •  Sertoma Clubs across North American encourage women and men of all ages and races to join.
  •  Benefits ...
    Business networking opportunities.
    Personal growth and development.
    Develop Leadership skills.
    Chance to build lifelong friendships.

    SERTOMANS: Making A Difference